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Contrary to popular perception, there’s more to do when visiting the Bahamas than just kicking back and relaxing on a sun-swept beach. Not to say that you shouldn’t — the beaches of the Bahamas are mind-bogglingly beautiful — but savoring life’s treats benefits from the spice of variety. In the beach’s case, breaking up your lackadaisical lounging with an aquatic adventure proves to be the perfect complementary pairing. We don’t just mean dipping your toes in the water: A proper day trip off of the resort, out and about and on an adventure is the infusion of excitement you need. Building your perfect Bahamas day trip is easy, especially with one or more of these activities.

The angler opportunities of the Bahamas are world-renowned, especially with regards to bonefish — these silvery bottom feeders prove to be the prime candidates to match wits against. Ghostly against the backdrop of see-through ocean water and relegated to the shallows to steer clear of the higher-ups on the food chain, bonefish make for an enthralling day trip out fishing — especially if you hop over to Andros island. Even if you end up empty-handed, a day spent gazing out at Andros’ shoreline is certain to delight.

A word to the wise: Bonefish have a symbiotic relationship with stingrays. As stingrays glide along the bottom, they spook crabs and shrimp into darting — allowing bonefish to swoop in and gobble up their prey. Fishing near gliding stingrays is likely to net you some catches!

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If bonefishing whetted your curiosity for the Bahamas’ underwater denizens, then a deeper dive is in order. Scuba diving, no matter your experience level, is simply a can’t-miss experience when visiting. Beginners can rejoice — many resorts host one-day training programs. Experts are already euphoric: World-class dive sites are scattered throughout the waters, and among them is a pair famous from James Bond movies. Located off the southwestern end of Nassau, the Vulcan Bomber (a faux sunken plane) debuted in “Thunderball,” while the Tears of Allah (a 92-foot sunken supply boat) graced the silver screen in “Never Say Never Again.” Retracing the underwater exploits of the world’s most famous secret agent is a day trip you’re certain to cherish for decades to follow.

Perhaps your day trip desires revolve around something unique — after all, bonefishing and scuba diving are plausible elsewhere. For a Bahamian adventure that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world, head to Pig Beach. On an island just off the coast of Exuma, 20 wild (but friendly) pigs have made themselves at home in paradise. It’s a mystery as to how exactly this tribe of tropical hogs got here, but they’ve since become a staple. Splashing in the surf with the loveable critters is as adorable as it sounds.

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