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Bermuda is open for business after hurricane Gonzalo

Bermuda says it is “open for business” a few days after a powerful hurricane hit the Atlantic island.

The island’s LF Wade International Airport, as well as the causeway, reopened on Sunday afternoon, and all of the island’s hotel properties are “open and are able to accept guests,” according to a statement from the tourism authority.

Hurricane Gonzalo, a Category 2 storm, reached the island just a few days after Bermuda hosted the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. Another major event, the Argo Group Gold Gup sailing event, begins on Wednesday.

“Once again, Bermuda has shown it is built to last in the face of severe weather like Hurricane Gonzalo,” said Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Bill Hanbury.

The island did not escape damage from the powerful storm however, with strong rain and winds causing power losses, downed trees and damage, but Hanbury said Bermuda was back on its feet.

“The cooperation of the public and private sectors along with the tenacity of Bermuda’s people are putting this island paradise back on its feet at incredible speed. All of us are ready to get back to work doing what we do best: welcoming visitors.”

One of the island’s leading resorts, Elbow Beach, said it had sustained minimal impact and resumed normal operations on Sunday.

“We are operating under normal business conditions and are looking forward to welcoming guests without any further interruptions,” said Ed Burns, owner’s representative at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort. “Our staff acted swiftly to prepare the resort for the hurricane and to ensure it is in great condition for our guests to return. It is a testament to their hard work that we are able to reopen so quickly.”

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