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Of all the world’s cruise destinations, Bermuda remains one of the most unique, not only for its rich history and Caribbean-like ocean vistas, but also for its itinerary, which encompasses a healthy mix of sea days topped off with multiple island stops. These Royal Caribbean cruises are perfect for a long weekend.

Unlike Caribbean cruises that typically call on several ports of call during the span of a single week, cruises to Bermuda typically stay docked in either Hamilton or nearby King’s Wharf for multiple nights before returning across the Atlantic to their home ports.

It’s impossible to be bored in Bermuda, with multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore and miles of the country’s famous pink sandy beaches to relax on. Bermuda is also a prime destination for snorkel and scuba trips, and multi-overnight stays are the perfect way to experience as much of Bermuda as you can.

A self-governing British colony situated in the western North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a popular cruise destination from seven East Coast ports of departure. The 24-mile-long archipelago of eight main islands is only 650 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Bermuda exudes British charm, while boasting strong African and Caribbean cultural roots. The islands’ characteristic pastel-colored buildings and pink-hued beaches are among the treasures found by those on a Bermuda cruise vacation.

True to British tradition, driving is on the left. Many choose to get around on bicycles, horse-drawn carriages or motor scooters. A golfer’s paradise, Bermuda has more acreage per square mile dedicated to golf than any other country.

With eight islands connected by causeways and bridges (including the world’s smallest draw bridge), Bermuda beckons to passengers, who can opt for a variety of shore excursions from sunning on sandy beaches to exploring the new capital of Hamilton, or the old capital city of Saint George.

On the souvenir front, the island is also known for its hand-carved wood, commemorative coins, miniature ceramic cottages, cedar and mahogany handbags, polished shark’s teeth and of course, Bermudan shorts.

Docking in King’s Wharf is convenient for accessing some of Bermuda’s best beaches and with an overnight stay you don’t have to worry about being back at the ship at a specific time in the evening. You can lay on the beach and enjoy every second of it. It also puts you in the heart of the Royal Navy Dockyard which is filled with local artisans, waterfront dining, all among the beautiful historic architecture of the area.

You’ll also find it easy to head to Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, or historic St. George’s for explorations by way of one of the many shore excursions, or by public bus, ferry, or taxi — though beware the latter can be quite expensive. Which is why the Royal Caribbean Hamilton train tour is a fantastic option for exploring the sites with ease from the mighty Fort Hamilton to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.

Because of the common lengthy overnights stays in Bermuda, coupled with the growing number of itineraries that sometimes include stops in the Bahamas or the eastern coast of the United States as well, this pretty British overseas colony is still one of our favorite avid cruiser voyages.