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Few areas in the Caribbean carry the name-brand recognition of Grand Cayman. The flagship of the fabled Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is undoubtedly a central highlight to any island-hopping itinerary through paradise. But, the real draw isn’t the beautiful beaches or the luxe shopping — it’s the adventure.

Grand Cayman excursions are next level: Whether you’re a cruiser looking for a buffet of adventure, or a vacationing family looking to switch up the traditional beach day itinerary, the adventures and activities to be found throughout the island are diamonds in a haystack of gold. For an introductory idea, we’ve compiled three of our favorites.

Whether it’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” or “The Hunt for Red October,” submarines have long been lodged into the collective cultural consciousness as an exciting and otherworldly adventure — one which the average person is likely to never experience. Unless, of course, you take advantage of the opportunity while visiting Grand Cayman.

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Atlantis Submarines is what the name implies: A charter submarine supplies the vacationing landlubber the opportunity to “Dive! Dive! Dive!” into an underwater world at depths of 100 feet. As you tour the submerged vistas provided by the Grand Cayman’s Underwater Marine Park, your guide provides narration (and clarification) on the enchantingly alien landscape outside your porthole.

For another (albeit dryer) deep-dive adventure, head to the island’s interior for the chance to discover the Crystal Caves. In a network of limestone caves situated within the tropical forests, lush flora gives way to deep underground caverns studded in stalactites and stalagmites in what feels like a blink of an eye. While the maze of hidden rooms and connecting passageways makes for an adventurous journey, the highlight of it all is certainly the jaw-dropping underground lake.

While Georgetown is the Cayman Islands’ political and financial center, there is one other city that’s well worth a visit. It’s 25 miles from Grand Cayman, submerged and none of its denizens are humans. Stingray City may be nothing more than a grouping of sandbars to the untrained eye, but those visiting will quickly see why it’s one of the top Grand Cayman excursions. Hundreds of wild (but friendly!) stingrays frolic in just 3 feet of water — putting every aquarium touch tank in the world to shame.

Eager to book a vacation that makes the most of the many Grand Cayman excursions available? Give one of our travel agents a call. Not only are they rich with recommendations and travel tips from their years in the industry, but also their professional connections with the biggest names in travel unlock a whole new echelon of bonuses you didn’t even know you were missing. Pair these with, say, a Royal Caribbean itinerary whisking you from one breezy island to the next — and you’ve got the recipe for a vacation you’ll never forget.