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From your Apple Watch telling you how many steps you’ve taken to your car starting itself as you approach, innovative technology is all-prevalent in 21st-century living—elevating the everyday to the likes of futuristic luxury. But, what happens when that same technology is applied to the already extraordinary? What happens when leisure and luxury are innovated upon?

The result: the future of vacations. It’s not robot butlers or resorts on the moon, but rather, streamlined experiences—a getaway entirely devoid of hang-ups or hassles. Princess Cruises® is one of the first to seamlessly integrate wearable tech with state-of-the-art accommodations, making for a vacation entirely unlike others. Here are just a few ways in which Princess Cruises is making easy living even easier with the help of Princess MedallionClass

At the center of MedallionClass™ is the Ocean Medallion™. It’s smaller than the name implies and is infinitely more valuable—this isn’t pirate treasure, but rather, the key to the ship. Every aspect of your getaway improves with this quarter-sized key. Boarding the ship for embarkation is exponentially speedier. Paying for food and drink onboard is as simple as a flash of your Ocean Medallion. Even your stateroom door will unlock itself as you approach, so long as the Ocean Medallion is on your person.

Beyond the ease of access provided by the Ocean Medallion, the ship’s integration of technology truly shines with the services built around your mobile device. Suddenly, your phone is your compass, treasure map and personal butler, all in one. OceanConcierge™ provides you with the complete rundown of the ship’s daily happenings, from events and activities onboard to restaurant menus and the ship’s itinerary. OceanCompass™ proves to be a personal interactive navigator, easily guiding you to where you want to go, as well as offering chat with friends and family anywhere else onboard. Best of all, with OceanNow™, you can order drinks from wherever you’re relaxing on the ship, and a crew member will deliver expediently to your Ocean Medallion’s location. The integration of Ocean Medallion and smart ship makes for the pinnacle of worry-free: keeping track of the kids during their adventures onboard while you enjoy mojitos by the pool is all as easy as a glance at your phone.

Of course, the main ingredient of any vacation is entertainment, and MedallionClass™ makes good use of technology to elevate the onboard options. Enjoy tales of adventure and gain fuel for your wanderlust with Ocean Originals TV series, available both on your stateroom TV as well as anywhere else onboard thanks to OceanView® mobile. Should you be feeling lucky, but also feeling incredibly cozy in bed, then never fear: the casino comes to you, thanks to the many games found on the Ocean® Casino app. And for stakes that the whole family can enjoy, there’s a myriad of family-friendly games to be found—whether it’s on a phone-screen, a giant poolside screen or location-based scavenger hunts around the ship, fun abounds with all the PlayOcean™ games.

All set to embark on your vacation of the future? Talk with one of our travel agents. Their knowledge, skills and close working relationships with Princess Cruises allows you to focus your energy where it matters—relaxing.

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