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I Want To Go To Coco Cay!

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When it comes time to decide on your family vacation, the destination is just as important as the journey. Anticipation is the spice that marinates a child’s imagination, the X-factor that makes the journey between point A and point B seem worthwhile in the first place. You tell your child you’re all heading to Topeka for summer vacation and that might prove to be a tough sell. You tell your child the family is going to spend a day on a tropical-island-water-park and their imagination is instantly firing on all cylinders.

Helping comprise the chain of Caribbean landmass known as the Berry Islands, Perfect Day at CocoCay is the epitome of “sliver of paradise”—less than a mile wide east to west, less than 200 yards from north to south. Nestled on top of this picture-perfect beach oasis is the makings for a perfect day of family fun. For an introductory look, here’s what you could enjoy with a Perfect Day at CocoCay.


Looming over the island, the waterslides of Thrill Waterpark stand both mystical and inviting, technicolor towers of awe and adrenaline. Sporting the most waterslides of any waterpark in the Caribbean, there’s an option for every age range: Pure plummets on the Dueling Demons drop slides, watery twists and turns within the coiling Green Mamba, or for the truly adventurous—Daredevil’s PeakSM, the tallest waterslide in North America. Little ones that don’t quite meet the height requirements can still splash into a good time at Captain Jill’s Galleon, a scaled-down pirate ship play structure sporting slides.


As the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool, Oasis Lagoon sits at the heart of Perfect Day at CocoCay and offers something for everyone in the family. Branching off into three distinct coves, you can set up your home base for the day in a poolside lounger, play in the pool’s “beach” with built-in geysers or swim up to a poolside bar, all without having to head elsewhere on the island. When lunchtime does roll around, the Lagoon is located near Chill Grill, Skipper’s Grill and the Snack Shack—which makes the hardest part deciding what to order.


What’s an island paradise without pristine beaches? While all of the state-of-the-art amenities located on Perfect Day at CocoCay do make for a perfect day, the idyllic shores encompassing the entire island simply beg to be savored. Each section of the shores has their own flavor: Lagoon Beach lets you enjoy the ocean water while still being steps away from the heart of the island’s action, while South Beach allows for a more “secluded getaway” feeling. If the kids are old enough to venture off on their own, let them discover the beach games sprinkled throughout the sands, while the adults can enjoy some quiet time in a beach cabana.

Ready to get your trip to Perfect Day at CocoCay underway? Speak with one of our travel agents. Not only do their professional relationships with Royal Caribbean guarantee added benefits you didn’t even think to dream of, but also their knowledge and expertise of the Caribbean’s ports will help you pick a cruise that provides countless sources of anticipation—guaranteeing the journey is always as exciting as the destination.

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